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New Budda SuperDrive 80 Demo Video Up Now!

My Rock/Metal demo of the Budda SuperDrive 80 just went live. You can check it out right here…

Budda Amplification!!!

I would like to say how incredibly excited and happy to be part of the Budda Amplifier family now! I personally use the Superdrive 80 and it is the most…

Departure Plan and New Album

My new cover band Departure Plan finally kicks off our first show after a couple of months of hard work Feb 22nd at Jakes Backroom in Lubbock, TX for…

Happy New Year!!!

A huge welcome to 2014!! My cover gig of 6 years Whips N Kisses played our retirement show New Years Eve. It’s been a hell of a great 6 years…

So…. What’s been going in the three months since I updated last??

I’ve been incredibly busy the last few months. I finally have time to sit with my iPad and Update some things. I completely updated the gear section. So, it’s a…

New News!

Lots and lots of things popping up. Departure Plan is in the middle of writing our full length album and in between I’ll be putting together my new solo album….

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